Soap Ingredients-Shea Butter

Shea nuts and shea butter

Shea Butter is a beautifully oily butter that brings amazing benefits to your skin, keeping it healthy and protected. Lets look in a bit more detail at shea butter, and the benefits it brings….

Soap Ingredients-Oatmeal


You may think that oatmeal is just a healthy way to start the day, and in part you’d be right. Lets look in a bit more detail at oatmeal, and the benefits it brings….

Soap Ingredients-Honey

Soap Ingredients - Honey

Honey is a readily available product on supermarket shelves, tastes great and is an ideal cooking ingredient. But, there is more to honey than meets the eye.

Here at Soapy Skin Ltd we use this fantastic natural ingredient in our goat’s milk soaps. It helps to bring additional benefits to your skin, and especially those who suffer from skin conditions. The benefits of honey work in a few different ways, from moisturising the skin, fighting infection and to help maintain our bodily functions.