Ten Top Tips for Looking After your Skin


As the weather heats up and our thoughts turn to the warm, dreamy days of summer, our fashion alters in order to keep us cool. Out of the wardrobe dance the short sleeved tops and more revealing skirts and dresses, gone are the trousers, scarves and long sleeved jackets. The love of the outdoors and our yearning for the precious rays of sun to caress our bodies and warm our souls can sometimes become an overindulgent pastime, leaving us in need of some skincare that provides a little TLC! However, before we arrive at that uncomfortable stage, I would like to offer you my advice on how to prepare and look after your skin, and avoid the burn.

Whats in soap and Why it’s not just soap – Part 2

The next area of soap making I want to cover is ‘melt and pour’ (sometimes called glycerine soap). This is a very popular choice with many crafters because it’s quick and easy to use. There is no curing process as with the cold process method, which we’ll cover later, so these can be used or sold within a couple of days after pouring. You will have seen these types of bars at your local craft fair; you may even have bought some. These bars are usually very brightly coloured and may have other pieces of soap or toys inserted into them. They are usually clear, but can sometimes be opaque and have become very popular with younger people. But, don’t be misled into thinking that these are handmade soaps; they are no better than the commercially produced ones, just take a look at the ingredients list, if there is one, and you’ll soon see some similarities.

Whats in soap and why it’s not just soap

Everybody uses soap in one form or another, but the kind of soap you use can vary considerably. While buying soap isn’t a new concept, for some it is becoming increasingly more important to know exactly what they are putting on their skin. For others it’s just soap, and perhaps they don’t know, don’t want to know or don’t really understand what goes into making a bar of soap. I wanted to write a set of short articles about soap, and why it’s important that we, as consumers, understand what it’s made from and what we’re buying. Although soap sounds like such a simple topic, when you start to research and dissect it you’ll be surprised at how much there is to learn.

Happy new year

2013 saw the start of Soapy Skin Ltd: from our initial idea came the creation of a concept, which quickly developed into the company becoming a reality. Since the 19th October 2013, when our product first went on sale, there has been a very positive response to our handmade natural soaps, and we would like to thank everyone you has supported us during this initial period.