Ten Top Tips for Looking After your Skin


As the weather heats up and our thoughts turn to the warm, dreamy days of summer, our fashion alters in order to keep us cool. Out of the wardrobe dance the short sleeved tops and more revealing skirts and dresses, gone are the trousers, scarves and long sleeved jackets. The love of the outdoors and our yearning for the precious rays of sun to caress our bodies and warm our souls can sometimes become an overindulgent pastime, leaving us in need of some skincare that provides a little TLC! However, before we arrive at that uncomfortable stage, I would like to offer you my advice on how to prepare and look after your skin, and avoid the burn.

Skin Facts – Functions

The human skin is an amazing organ; it is the largest organ in the human body, and equates to approximately 15% of our total body weight; it is our outer covering, and protects the underlying muscles, bones and internal organs. Please click to find out more.

Eczema – My personal Experience

Eczema has plagued my life for years now, and this is my personal experience of this miserable skin condition that affects so many people in todays society.