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Free From Skincare Award 2017 - Free From Skincare Exhibition

Free From Skincare Exhibition – Olympia Here We Come

Well, the Free from skincare exhibition at Olympia has been and gone. A long tiring 4 days, but very exciting and rewarding it has to be said.
We travelled down on the Thursday (6th July) and after fighting our way through London we finally reached our destination. In near 30°C temperatures we started to setup our stand in a glass roofed, none air-conditioned Olympia. Not pleasant as you can probably imagine, but it is what it is. Once we had finished it was off to Jan’s cousin’s to spend the night.

On Friday morning, bright and early we reached Olympia not really knowing what to expect from the day ahead. We were very excited because we had been shortlisted for a Free From Skincare award in the problem skin category, but we wouldn’t find out how we had done until around 3pm. At 10am the doors opened and the public started to enter. The exhibition itself is quite large and it would be a good 20-30 minutes until they reached our stand (at least the air-conditioning had now been switched on). As people slowly reached our stand, interest in our new products started to grow. Initially our new Shower Steamers were getting some funny looks until we explained what they were and how they worked. It then very quickly changed from funny looks to I take one of those please. We had quite a few people entering our competition for a Sensitive Skin Gift Set (the winners are listed at the end of this piece). Our Goats’ Milk Soap – Honey Oats was getting quite a lot of attention, along with the moisturising body oils. 3pm was nearly here, and it was time for Jan to attend the awards ceremony while I was left to tend the stand. “I’ll see you in 30 minutes” she said as she walked off down the hall. Well, it seemed longer than 30 minutes before I saw her walking back toward me with a big smile on her face. “Silver, we’ve won silver” she said. As much as we believe that our Goats’ Milk Soap – Honey Oats is an amazing product, to get further recognition from such an influential group of judges fills us with such pride. Also these awards are based on tester’s recommendation, which means if it didn’t work we wouldn’t have won. Below are some of the comments given to the judges by the testers:
The Free From skincare Problem Skin Silver Award 2017 and the Janey Loves Platinum award winner 2016. Soapy Skin Goats Milk Soap - Honey Oats boxed and unboxed with a pot of honey, a milk jug and oatsFree From Skincare Awards – Testers Comments

“My skin was much better after a month. It was less dry and the soap even managed to get rid of some of the hard dry spots on the backs of my arms which I really struggle with. My skin was much less dry and irritated after a month and much more manageable. This soap was a big surprise.”

“The honey was soothing and my eczema was calmer, soothed and a lot less angry. My skin did improve … eczema was less inflamed and itchy, less dry and tight. Much better than other soaps, it lathered really well, lasted a long time, moisturised the skin, comforted it by making it less sore and aggravated.”


We where now on cloud nine, and the rest of the day just seemed to fly-by. At the end of the show we walked back to the hotel, we were exhausted but very happy at the way the day had turned out.

Saturday and Sunday were very similar days to Friday, with lots of interest in our new products. We were slowly realising that we hadn’t taken enough stock, as products started to sell out. We were also getting a lot of interest from shops and companies who were interested in what we were doing. As well as a few beauty bloggers who were keen to review our products (Reviews coming soon).
All in all we were very pleased with the way things had gone. The silver award, all the lovely people we had met, the experience of such a large exhibition and the thought that more people will be using our products and realising the benefits they bring. On Sunday evening, we left to head back home, after having an amazing time in London, and meeting some lovely people.

Olympia Exhibition Competition

Please join us in congratulating the winners

1st Prize      Sarah Joslyn           Sensitive Skin Gift Box
2nd Prize    Diana Williams      £10 website voucher
3rd Prize     Janice Webber       £5 website voucher