About us

Producing natural products is of the utmost importance to us. With an ever increasing demand for products that are free from harsh chemicals such as SLS, Parabens and EDTA, we offer beautiful natural handmade skin care. This carefully created range is specially designed for people with skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis and acne. However, it is just as appealing for people who are looking for a natural alternative.
Janet and David, owners of Soapy Skin Ltd, stood in the factory shop.David, a director at Soapy Skin, shares his experience of having sensitive, eczema prone skin: I have long suffered with dry skin, especially on my hands, and resorted to creams for relief. After some research into skin care products, I came to the conclusion that these had a part to play in the drying of my skin. At that point, I decided to make our own soap. How hard could it be? Yes, it was difficult, however after months of experimentation I came up with a formula I was happy with and testing began. The results didn’t disappoint: my dry, cracked skin started to heal and my hands became softer. We started to give the soaps to family and friends, and the comments that came back were positive. They too were seeing the benefit. We wanted to share what we had found, in the hope that others would also benefit from our soaps. We set up our business in 2013 and dedicated a range purely to sensitive skin.

We are an Eco-friendly company who use ethically sourced ingredients from sustainable sources. The palm oil that we use in our soaps is RSPO (Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil) Certified so our customers can be re-assured that we are not contributing to the destruction of the rainforest, and the habitat of the Orangutans is duly protected.

We support animal welfare and therefore all of our products are developed and created without the use of animal testing. We produce a range of holistic soaps, body scrubs, bath oils and moisturising body oils that are free from animal cruelty and support the belief of the Vegan customer. You can read more about out Ethos by clicking here…

Furthermore, all our products have undergone, and passed, a cosmetic safety assessment prior to being offered for sale. In both our holistic and goat’s milk ranges we only use natural solid oils, such as coconut and palm, liquid oils such as olive oil, and butters such as Shea to produce something your skin will love. Our soaps are also beautifully scented, using only 100% pure essential oils, which have been specially selected for their natural, positive, effects on the skin. And finally, all the botanical additives we use not only give our soaps a fantastic colour, but also act as a mild exfoliant as well as being beneficial to the skin. Our goat’s milk soaps are something a little special, and the extra work involved in the manufacturing process, we feel, is worth it. By making soap from whole goat’s milk we produce a bar that can be used by anyone, but it is particularly beneficial to those with dryer skin, and could help suffers of eczema or psoriasis. Because goats milk contains extra vitamins, minerals and fatty acids your skin will simply love it. We cut and package all of our soaps by hand to ensure a high level of quality control is adhered to and you receive a bar that has been treated with love and care.

We are very proud of our company, the handmade natural soaps and skincare we produce, and the positive benefits we feel they can give your dry skin and eczema. There is more information about each individual product our on-line shop, as well as a new Home section and packs that have been carefully put together for Sensitive Skin, Breakouts and even one specifically for Vegans. We produce our natural skin care range at our Manufacturing Studio based in Bolton, click here to see us in action. In mid August 2019 we were excited to opened our first shop in the Market place shopping centre, Bolton under the new Dajan Organics brand. In the Dajan Organics store you will receive a warm welcome and the opportunity to purchase products from our skincare range. We have also created a brand new treatment room within the store, so you can now choose from a range of relaxing treatments including massage, reflexology and facials and enjoy some well deserved me time.

If you have any questions about our skin care or would like to make any suggestions click on the contact us page.

We hope you enjoy our natural skin care.