Soapy Skin Manufacturing Studio

The Manufacturing of Our Handmade Skin Care

All of our products are handmade by ourselves in Bolton. It takes place in our manufacturing studio, where care and attention is of the utmost importance. When creating our range of natural skin care, we only use sustainable ingredients that are ethically sourced.

Stage 1

A combination of oils and butters are carefully weighed out. These are then combined together and gently heated until melted.

Stage 2

If botanicals and essential oils are required, these are weighed and combined together.

Stage 3

Once the correct temperature is reached and the oils and butters have melted the lye solution can be added. This starts the saponification process which is the chemical reaction that turns the oils and butters into soap. The last thing to be added are the botanicals and essential oils.

Stage 4

We super fat our bars so that not all of the oils and butters turn into soap. This means that we are left with moisturising ingredients that hydrate and moisturise, leaving you with smooth, soft skin. The mixture is then poured into the mould where it is left to set.

Stage 5

Once poured, the soap remains in the mould for a couple of days. While in the mould the saponification process continues and the soap starts to solidify. It is then removed and cut into bars and left to cure for about six weeks.

Stage 6

Finally the soap is trimmed and checked as part of the quality control process. It is then boxed up and is ready to be sold. If you would like to visit our Shop click here for more details