Sisal Soap Bag

  • Use, with the soap inside the bag, to cleanse
  • The rough fibres are great for exfoliating
  • Hang the bag up, to keep the shower area tidy


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Place a bar of our handmade goats milk soap or holistic soap into the sisal soap bag – tighten with the toggle – and you have the perfect exfoliating and cleansing bathroom accessory. Once you have finished washing, there’s no need to remove the soap from your sisal soap bag. Just simply hang it up and allow to drip dry. This is a great way to keep your soap in good condition and ensure that it will be ready for the next time you need to use it.

The Sisal soap bag can also be used to store those bars that are getting too small and thin to use normally, so rather than throwing them away, which would be a waste, you can carry on using them.

Sisal is a species of Agave native to southern Mexico but widely cultivated in many other countries, and yields a stiff fibre used in making various products. The sisal plant has a 7–10 year life-span and typically produces 200–250 commercially usable leaves. Each leaf contains an average of around 1000 fibres.

Size: 10 x 10cm
Material: Sisal – Agave sisalana

Our sisal soap bags are suitable for vegans