Volcanic Lava Foot Stone

  • For use on wet skin
  • Natural way to exfoliate dry, dead skin from your body, hands and feet
  • The stone is lightweight and will fit nicely in your hand


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Our volcanic lava foot stone is naturally formed from a therapeutic mixture of basaltic minerals, silicon, magnesium and iron. Oxygen is released when the lava is cooling to produce the tiny holes, leaving a stone that will never lose its effectiveness or shape. This simple yet amazing little stone will fit nicely in your hand, is lightweight, and is covered with tiny holes giving you the safest and most natural way to exfoliate dry, dead skin from your body, hands and feet leaving your skin soft and smooth. For use on wet skin.

Before using your volcanic lava foot stone for the first time it is advisable to place it under running water to rinse out any debris that may be in the stone.

Tips For Using you volcanic lava foot stone
  • Firstly, soften the areas of hard skin. Using one of our handmade natural soaps and a bowl of warm water soak the areas of hard skin for about five to ten minutes, or till the skin has become sufficiently soft.
  • Dip the volcanic lava foot stone in the soapy water. Rub the affected areas using a gentle back-and-forth motion. When using the volcanic lava stone on your legs, be all the more gentle and use slow circular movements.
  • Dip the treated areas in the water and wash away the dead skin. Repeat the process until the new skin is revealed.
  • Cleaning a volcanic lava stone periodically is very important for hygiene. Swish it in soapy water and then keep it under running water. Every now and then, clean it with a stiff brush laced with soap, rinsing it with lots of water, later. Store it in an airy place where it will dry easily.

Volcanic lava foot stones are a natural product, and as such may vary in size, shape and colour.

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