Goats Milk Honey Almond Soap

  • Use to clear spots and acne
  • The tea tree essential oil has skin healing properties
  • The ylang ylang essential oil helps to alleviate depression and anxiety




Goats Milk Soap – Honey Almond. Care for sensitive skin

Our goats milk soap – honey almond has been created to help those suffering from acne, itchy skin, eczema and other skin problems. Goats milk soaps are rich in vitamins, minerals and complex fatty acids that help to remove irritation, moisturise and repair your skin. Finely ground almonds are used for their exfoliating qualities and help to reduce itchiness and inflammation. Ground almonds contain beneficial natural oils, which help to make your skin soft and smooth. Honey is added for it’s natural anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties as well as it’s ability to draw moisture to the skin.

The essential oils in this goats milk soap have been carefully selected. They have an important role to play in calming the body and mind to promote your overall wellness. Ylang ylang is included for it’s anti-depressant nature and the ability to drive away anxiety, sadness and chronic stress. Ylang Ylang also benefits eczema sufferers by regulating sebum production therefore reducing skin irritation, redness and treating the infection itself. Tea-tree is included for its skin healing properties and is an excellent treatment for acne. Our goats milk soap – honey almond bar will care for sensitive skin, that’s in need of some TLC.

All our goats milk soap is made using whole goats milk from UK herds. They do not contain powdered goats milk, preservatives or chemicals.
WEIGHT: 100g MIN per bar

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