Natural Handmade Bergamot and Calendula Soap

  • Refreshing and uplifting
  • Insect repellent
  • Moisturises the skin
  • Suitable for Vegans




If you need a pick-me-up, then the blend of essential oils in our natural handmade bergamot and calendula soap will do just that. The sweet citrus scent is refreshing and uplifting to a tired mind. These essential oils contain valuable antiseptics and are excellent insect repellents. They contain astringent properties and can help brighten a dull complexion. But we didn’t stop there; we have added some fantastic botanicals as well. We use calendula powder to give the soap a beautiful muted yellow colour, but it is also recognised for its effectiveness in treating skin problems such as wounds, burns and insect bites as well as eczema. With the addition of calendula petals to finish off, you have a beautifully crafted soap that would grace any bathroom.

WEIGHT: 100g MIN per bar

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