Natural Handmade Lavender and Blue Poppy Seed Soap

  • Relaxing scent of lavender
  • Exfoliating properties of blue poppy seed
  • Creamy lather to moisturise the skin
  • Suitable for Vegans




Our natural handmade Lavender and blue poppy seed soap is packed with relaxing and calming essential oil, which eases away the stresses of a demanding day. It is said to cleanse and soothe the spirit, relieving anger and exhaustion resulting in a calmer approach to life. Due to its calming effect, lavender has long been known to give effective relief from insomnia. It is also fantastic for the skin as it promotes the growth of new cells and exerts a balancing action on sebum. The blue poppy seeds offer gentle exfoliation to smooth and soften the skin. The contemporary aesthetics of this bar will compliment any bathroom or kitchen.

WEIGHT: 100g MIN per bar

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