Create a creamy lather with our luxury patchouli and tea tree shaving soap. Reduce razor rash and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth


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Patchouli and Tea Tree Shaving Soap – Excellent for all skin types

Create the perfect creamy lather with our luxury Patchouli and Tea Tree Shaving Soap. You’ll discover that the razor glides with ease and so reduces irritation, leaving your skin feeling supple and balanced. Our shaving soaps are thoughtfully created to give the best combination of shaving performance, while moisturising, protecting and repairing your skin.

As with all our soaps, no chemicals are present, just 100% natural vegetable and essential oils, with added vitamin E and natural clay. The oils in our shaving soaps offer different benefits to the skin; whilst some create the creamy lather that is important at the shaving stage, others are used to moisturise, both during and after shaving, so that the skin doesn’t become tight and dry. The essential oils play an equally important role in the shaving process. Patchouli and tea tree, continue to soothe, protect and repair the skin even after you have finished shaving. Furthermore, the essential oils give the shaving soap a subtle exotic, earthy scent that isn’t overpowering. The clay helps to detoxify and cleanse the pores as well as giving slip to the razor, and the vitamin E, which is an antioxidant, repairs and protects.

WEIGHT: 130g approx

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